Welcome to Mobile Healthcare Providers Northwest,
a federally recognized 501c3 nonprofit company.

Our Mission Statement:

At Mobile Healthcare Providers Northwest, we are dedicated to minimizing the suffering of terminally or chronically ill persons, as well as those who are severely debilitated by providing mobile health services to the homebound. Our patient population is comprised of those individuals who have varying types of dementia. Other patients that we serve are those who live in assisted living, adult family homes, long term care units, the medically underprivileged, underserved, and some in their private homes.

We at Mobile Health Care Providers Northwest are committed to enriching the lives of those persons, and their families, by reducing the burden on our communities' medical systems. MHPNW delivers on that commitment by bringing primary care as well as palliative care services to our patients residence therefor eliminating the need for costly cumbersome, and potentially harmful trips out for routine medical care and procedures.